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Welcome to kanna kamui's world this server was created for socializing and making new friends!
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Welcome To Kanna Kamui’s World

Kanna Kamuis World is a awesome friendly server for anyone willing to make new friends

The server is a awesome server for just having fun and making new friends. This is a really chill server along with the members. This server has lots to offer and even more to come

✅ | Do you like cool colored roles?or even Reaction roles? well I mean, I do! SO FAR WE HAVE of your choice eg-

✅ |Custom Bots ✅ |Custom Roles ✅ |Reaction Roles ✅ |100+ members ✅ | Nice server design with a bold font ✅ |1 Amazing fully working custom coded bots ✅ |Staff team ✅ |Applications for staff ✅ |Giveaways ✅ |Games ✅ |OwO ✅ |different Music Voice Channels each having its music bot ✅ |Lots of Voice Channels and text channels to interact with other people and show off your art