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The Land of the Forgotten Discord server has 98 online members and 0 upvotes. Land of the Forgotten is a Gaming Discord Server.

Land of the Forgotten Discord Server Described

: a Conan Role-play server made with a player first mindset. Inspired by Dungeons & Dragons for classes & Races. This is a Safe place. leave your Toxic behaviour at the door.

Land of the Forgotten RP

Season 1
☆Launched Febuary 3rd
☆Whitelist Open now.

About us
We are a player First D&D inspired server. We are Created by players for players, Server mods, settings where and will continue to be chosen by players via a voting system. The Staff here and LotF Rp want to create a Player first Environment making small events around characters back story doing our best to make every character feel like the main characters of there own stories. Any player Ideas and Suggestions are always welcome and we look forward to hearing for you. Come help create a world of Imagination with us! Stories here are only limited by our own minds :)

Server Information:
☆ Light to Heavy RP
☆ Limited Whitelist Process
☆ 40 Slot to start with Planned Growth.
☆ Exile Map
☆ Future plans to connect Servers using the Amulet system once we have a player base. (adding Siptah)
☆ Location= North America
☆ RP- PvE-PvP
☆ Voice & non Voice RP Welcome.
☆ Max level 120
☆ Lvl 60, 90 or 120 Boost available but not forced.
☆ Harvesting Rates= X2
☆ Craft speed= faster
☆ Clan Size= 8 smaller clans allow more rp outside of your main group. Less Clicks.
☆ Small building Kits given to each clan leader
☆ Map room & other Travel Methods found in the Starting City. open possibility to be added to Player hubs as well in the future…

Mod Highlights:
Indrid’s Custom Race and class
36 Races & Classes= 5 Guild, 10 Classes, 21 Subclasses
Exiles Extreme & Legacy of Darkness: Clothing & accessories
Allowing all sorts of Accessories and Transmogs to make you look the part of the Races.
Ravencrest couriers
An Immersive courier system allowing for sending mail between clans…
Improved Quality of Life
Allowing for More Customizations of your characters being able to Change your proportions
Dangerous Exiles AHDS
Making it so that when someone is taken out in Pvp or Pve they are then Knocked out instead of being sent to their beds. This makes for a more Realistic Game play. Someone can be Healed or just stay down only pulling their bracelet if they choose to perma.
This mod adds more monsters and activities to do along with magic and many more items to craft.
We have Changed the way we are handing out Factions & Magic pairing it with the Ingrid mod to make it closer to Dnd styled you learn these things via our Class trainers.
☆☆ and more ☆☆


Link to Discord

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