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Join the /r/LawSchool Discord server for a supportive community of aspiring lawyers. Get help with your studies, connect with others, and get access to resources with over 8.35k members! Invite link included.
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The /r/LawSchool Discord Discord server has 742 online members and 0 upvotes.

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: Official Discord for /r/LawSchool! (no legal advice).
/r/LawSchool Discord

Welcome to the official Discord server for /r/LawSchool! This server provides a community space to discuss, connect, and help out aspiring law students. Here, you can connect with other students and professionals, ask each other questions and provide answers, and gain access to resources that will help advance your legal career. Please remember that this is an informal space and cannot provide any sort of legal advice. Any questions regarding potential legal matters should be discussed with legal professionals. So come join the community and help make this server the go-to place for law students!

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