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We’re massive Marvel fans, come join us!

Our server is one of the largest Marvel communities on Discord, where we chat all about everything Marvel - comics, movies, shows, games, and much more!

  • We have discussion spaces for every new and current movies and shows, where everyone gathers to chat about the latest project, as well as spoilers and leaks for upcoming titles.

  • We also have spaces where you can chat about the latest weekly comics, and plenty of comic experts who can point you in the direction of a great comic.

  • Keep up to date with all the news: trailers, posters, casting, etc., as well as weekly comic lists and more.

  • Get involved in all our events!

  • Vote in Polls all about both comics, movies, and shows!

  • Join the Bookclub, and read and discuss comics with everyone!

  • Participate in our month-long Art Events, where you can draw Marvel art to all the weird and wonderful prompts!

  • Get involved in our Game Nights, where we play a whole variety of fun party games!

  • Join in for our Movie Nights, where we all watch movies together as a group!

  • Vote in Brackets, where you vote and debate over character matchups!