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Join the MonkeyLeague Discord server for all the latest news and updates about the game, with 79.6k members and an invite link to join.
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The UNKJD Discord server has 2.3K online members and 0 upvotes.

UNKJD Discord Server Described

: MonkeyLeague is a fast, turn-based, Play-to-Earn soccer game that's easy to play yet hard to master.

Welcome to MonkeyLeague, the fast, turn-based, Play-to-Earn soccer game! Here, you can join an online community of soccer players from around the world and compete for real rewards.

The game is easy to play, yet hard to master. You’ll have to make split-second decisions and manage your team carefully to win. You can join a public or private league, or create your own custom league with your friends.

We have a vibrant community of players who are always willing to help each other out. You can join a Discord channel, ask questions, or just chat with other players. Plus, we have a variety of tournaments and events that you can participate in.

At MonkeyLeague, you can challenge yourself and earn rewards, all while having fun. So, come join us and see what you can achieve!

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