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The Must Be Pop Discord server has 16 online members and 0 upvotes. Must Be Pop is a Roleplay Discord Server.

Must Be Pop Discord Server Described

: We are a celebrity roleplay game through InsaneJournal with over 100 celebrities with our own server for community chat & events.

Must Be Pop is a celebrity roleplay game that has been active online through various elected administrators since 2001. We are over 100 celebs hosted on Insane Journal who also interact via our server. Our core gameplay consists of journal entries by some fantastic writers and interacting with fellow celebrities via our server and elsewhere. We are very open and freeform.

We accept all actors, athletes, musicians, models, influencers, etc who are 18+.

☆A server with fun daily activity IC
☆Weekly IC group activities such as music, game, and movie nights
☆Long-term storylines and relationships driven by our players with many developing over months/years
☆Freedom to play as you wish with no overall storyline to adhere to
☆Interact in any way & through any platform you see fit
☆A focus on both creative writing & fun interaction
☆A purposefully simple activity check of posting a journal entry once every 4 weeks making us easier to keep your claimed celeb
☆Respectful, helpful, & active mods

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