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Join the Musty's Cowmunity discord server for a friendly and active gaming community with over 72.0k members. Get the invite link and start gaming!
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The Musty's Cowmunity Discord server has 7.4K online members and 0 upvotes.

Musty's Cowmunity Discord Server Described

: hey gamers! Come join Musty's official cowmunity! One of rocket leagues biggest community servers!
Musty’s Cowmunity 🐄

Hey gamers! 🎮
Come join Musty’s Cowmunity - the official Rocket League community server! 🚀 Musty’s is full of friendly players from all over the world who love to chat, play games and share tips and advice. 💬 Our members are passionate about the game and always ready to help each other progress and have fun! 🕹 Plus, we have plenty of activity and events going on all the time, so you’ll never get bored! 🤩 So come join us and be part of an epic community filled with Rocket League experts! 🤩

Musty’s cowmunity is for fans of both musty and rocket league alike! we are a active and friendly server with lots to do! for example:

  • Community Games multiple times a week.
  • Active public and private voice channels.
  • Active and welcoming people.
  • Text channels for memes, looking for people to play with, coaching and more.
  • Chat XP system that rewards you with private VC’s and chats, as well as more permissions.
  • Video and Server idea channels (Musty could make a video from YOUR idea!)

We have plenty more to offer, so come and join one of the biggest rocket league communities on discord! we hope to see you soon!

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