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The Obsidian Network Discord server has 10 online members and 0 upvotes. Obsidian Network is a Minecraft Discord Server.

Obsidian Network Discord Server Described

: This is the start of the Minecraft smp server Obsidian Network. This server will be a survival server with some perks like /sethome, /tpa, /co i.

Obsidian Network
This is the start of the Minecraft smp server Obsidian Network. This server will be a survival server with some perks like /sethome, /tpa, /co i. If you don’t know any of these commands, look at the Commands section. The server will not have pvp on so no killing. It will also have keepinventory on which means that if you die you will keep your stuff.

Other Features
There will also be a feature that tells you when you have entered a city. If you have founded a city and want this feature, contact an admin, they will fix it for you ;)
If you really want pvp in a section an admin will fix it for you, but it can’t be a super big area and it will cost you 64 diamonds. It will also be in the chat if you have entered a pvp area.

/sethome will set your home where you stand at the moment, the purpose of this command is that after you have set your home you will be able to type /home to teleport to your home that you set earlier.

/tpa [player name] will send a teleport request to the player you typed in. If they want to you to be teleported to them they type /tpaccept if they don’t they will just ignore it. If you want someone to teleport to you, you can type /tpa here [player name] and they will get the same request exept they will get teleported to you.

/co i will toggle inspector mode, this fetaure is to pervent players to steal other peoples stuff and griefing. If you turn it on you will be able to right click a chest for example and see everyone that right-clicked that chest and what items that have ben taken out and inserted of the chest. You will also see who it was and what time, you will see everything that happened in the chat. If you left-click a block it will tell you who broke and placed that block.

/spawn will send you to spawn immediately

Server Rules
There is some server rules, and no you don’t need to read all of them but if you break one if them then blame yourself

  1. Breaking and destroying other players’ creations is not allowed
  2. You must not steal things.
  3. No fraud or scam of any kind.
  4. Headhunting and headfarming on players is not allowed.
  5. Cheating clients are strictly prohibited. Some modified clients are approved but ask staff first. Approved clients:
    Badlion and Optifine
  6. Respect everyone. Everyone should treat people equally regardless of gender, sexuality, religion, ethnicity and age. No racism of any kind. No Nazism, no kind of Marxism-Leninism. No symbols that may belong to these groups may exist on the server or in connection with the server. Things that go beyond the game are classified as gross disrespect.
  7. It is forbidden to have degrading and use inappropriate words on tools.
  8. The server has religious freedom, but also freedom from religion. This means that you can believe what you want, but no denomination can exercise any coercion on any player.
  9. For large sorting areas: Use barrels instead of chests. This gives the server a much better experience and performance. It also gives plus points if you have a lag-free machine for large machines or sorting systems (a machine that can turn itself off when not in use).
  10. Duplication is strictly prohibited. Other use of bugs that are not supported by the game is also strictly forbidden. The exception is to break bedrock.
  11. You may not advertise other Minecraft Servers and / or Discord Servers or anything else related to these Minecraft Servers. Advertising to any Discord other than the server’s own, may not exist. This is punishable by a ban.
  12. It is illegal to recruit, advertise or otherwise inform players to lure players over to other servers through this server and its entities.
  13. To be allowed to own and build a shop or other building above the net roof, you must apply for staff.
  14. VPN is not allowed on the server, as long as you have not received an approval from staff.

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