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The Pikas Metaparadise Discord server has 12 online members and 0 upvotes. Pikas Metaparadise is a Gaming Discord Server.

Pikas Metaparadise Discord Server Described

: This is a Pokémon Showdown Randomized League. You will get a randomised Team and play against gym leaders and the elite Four to get your Title as the Champion.

Hello and welcome to the World of Pokemon,

I’m Professor Pikachu but everybody calls me the Meta Professor.

You came to this World to become the best like no one ever was, but first you need to learn the basics about this new way of playing Pokemon.

In this league you will get your encounters from Pokemon Dealers, handpicked by me.

But first you will need some Pokemon right?

We begin our journeys with 6 randomly chosen Pokemon.

And at first you don’t get anything else, only after days passing by your team gets stronger by purchasing different rolls from the Dealers.

There are two ways of getting an encounter. Either through Random Packs or through a massive mass Outbreak in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

For Random Packs you will choose a Pack you want to buy (For more information about Packs you can check pack-infomation.), like for example you want to get an LC Pack so you ask a @Pack Dealer for a Pack. They will Randomise a LC Pokemon for you after you’ve paid the price for the pack.

And in Legends Arceus, if you’d like for example a Pokemon from the Obsidian Fieldlands, you can purchase a Roll with your Poké.

You ask a @Arceus Pack Dealer and they will get you a massive mass outbreak, out of which you will decide which of the random encounters on the Map you want to get and than we check which Pokemon it is.

As soon as we know which Pokemon it is, the dealer is going to give your pokemon a random ability, out of every ability it can normally get, including hidden abilities.

That will be your new Pokemon you can use to challenge the Gyms and the Elite four.

You are free to just enjoy the League as a spectator or just enjoy your stay on the server, if you are not into fighting yourself.

Be sure to enjoy your stay on Pikas Metaparadise.

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