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Join the PoGo 08 Discord server for the latest news, raids, and to meet fellow players. Invite link and 4.21k members.
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The PoGo 08 Discord server has 185 online members and 0 upvotes. PoGo 08 is a Gaming Discord Server.

PoGo 08 Discord Server Described

: Swedens largest platform for Pokémon GO. We share info, stats, help eachother and organize meet-ups!

Welcome to PoGo 08, community and raid organization in Stockholm city

  1. regler As a new member it’s important to read the rules of the server. (Currently in Swedish)

  2. If you approve the rules and want access to all the channels (raid chats, general chat, rarespawns, arena battles and much more) you need to get a team assignment.

In team_channel upload a screenshot of your avatar in Pokémon GO, you will automatically get your team assignment.

  1. When you have been assigned your team read # server-info, there is all the info you need about this server. (Currently in Swedish)

This info will disappear when you are assigned to your team.


  • Team PoGo 08 -
    If you have questions please contact us:

:mystic@MysticOssi @KungDavid

:valor @Snigelzombie @nxynxy @Spindelbajs

Instinct @KeySerOne

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