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We offer Qury's bot services, we take care of it and update it over time. We try our best to make the bot as efficient as we can and work the best for you ( the users of the bot ).
You can vote once every 12 hours.

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If you ever find out a problem and you would like to ask the community go to #📁・bug-reports , if you found a bigger problem or you would like to contact our developers/moderators then head over to #🎫・support .

If you experience any kind of lag or delay while using the bot, please report it to us.


#📜・rules - Our server’s rules, make sure to read them, not knowing the rules doesn’t.

#🔓・verify - Verify yourself after you have read the rules, or get roles such as changelogs pings.

#🔔・announcements - Our bot’s or discord’s announcements!

#🎫・support - Your way to contact the developers or the moderators, do not spam tickets.

#🔗・github-feeds - Github changes.

#📡・bot-status - The bot’s status ( UP/DOWN ).

#📁・bug-reports -Share bugs that you have found, and see if the other bot’s users have any helpful tips to fix them! if you can’t find a fix, create a ticket!.

#💬・general - Main chat, make sure to read the rules before chatting.