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The raawrrr Discord server has 15 online members and 0 upvotes. raawrrr is a Social Discord Server.

raawrrr Discord Server Described

: Just a server to chill in, nobody judges you or does anything to you, you can play games or listen to some music

rules:1-Do not organise, participate in, or encourage harassment of others. Disagreements happen and are normal, but continuous, repetitive, or severe negative comments may cross the line into harassment and are not okay.

2-Do not organise, promote, or coordinate servers around hate speech. It’s unacceptable to attack a person or a community based on attributes such as their race, ethnicity, national origin, or religious affiliation.

3-Do not make threats of violence or threaten to harm others. This includes indirect threats, as well as sharing or threatening to share someone’s private personal information.

4-Do not evade user blocks or server bans. Do not send unwanted, repeated friend requests or messages, especially after they’ve made it clear they don’t want to talk to you anymore. Do not try to hide your identity in an attempt to contact someone who has blocked you, or otherwise circumvent the tools we have which enable users to protect themselves.

5-Do not send others viruses or malware, attempt to phish others, or hack them.

6-Channels explain there selves, which means: Don’t play Warzone while you are in the Rocket league Voice Channel.

7-Control Music only in the (Music-Control-Public) chat.

8-Only play the Bot-Games in their own Text channels.

9-You can (Role-Appeal) only if you never: Avoided the rules, u must never had any type of warning.

10-If you had a (Trusted+) Role, that doesnt mean you can do whatever you want, dont annoy or move people from channel unless they did something wrong.

11-Abusing people from the game they play is completely forbidden.

12-If you get 3 warnings and you get warned again you will get banned.

13-Spamming or cussing will get you muted by (Probot) and if you keep on doing that (ProBot) will kick you.

14-Enjoy your time.

15-Don’t be a donut.

16-Avoiding any of these rules will get you Warned/Kicked/Banned.

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