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Full random 3.0 Server information, with invite link to join, along with Community channels and any related servers.
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  • 21 Online
  • 202 Members
The random 3.0 Discord server has 21 online members and 0 upvotes. random 3.0 is a Community Discord Server.

random 3.0 Discord Server Described

: hi this is random 3.0 a nice server with nice staff, and more

hello! welcome to random 3.0.
in this server there’s a variety of channels to chat in, and make new friends along the way.
its sort of dead, but once the community gets bigger we’ll have an active server! we just need active members :)
we like feedback on the server so if you’d like to request roles/channels/bots or anything related go ahead
we have giveaways and ask a random question every week
we also have a bot that you can request features from and they will be added (its a public bot, but mainly for the use of this server.)
the staff is overall nice, and if there’s any problems just report it to staff, or an owner.

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