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A discord server to use the Runescape bot.


Runescape Bot is an rpg based bot themed after the popular mmorpg game called runescape. You can play and level up every skill that you can find on the real game. By completing an action such as training a skill you will get experience.

You can also build currency by selling items you get from training skill with the bot. Type r.help to get started after adding the bot to your server!


  • r.register your account to play
  • r.shows the bot commands
  • r.set your attack style
    Example: r.atkstyle shared (shared, stab, crush, defensive, range & mage)
  • r.shows your inventory
  • r. shows your stats
  • r. sells all the items in your inventory
  • r.vote shows voting information
  • r.checkvote checks and claims your vote

Skill Commands

  • r.mine will train mining
  • r.chop will train woodcutting
  • r.smith – will train smithing
  • r.firemake – will train firemaking
  • r.steal – will train theivening
  • r.parkour – will train agility
  • r.fish – will train fishing
  • r.cook – will train cooking
  • r.farm – will train farming
  • r.runecraft – will train runecraft
  • r.build – will train construction
  • r.bury – will train prayer
  • r.craft – will train crafting
  • r.fletch – will train fletching
  • r.hunt – will train hunter
  • r.mix – will train herblore

Admin Commands

  • r.purge – clears last 100 messages

Bot Preview

mining skil + fail notification | agility + woodcutting | Inventory | Statistics


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