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The Science & Humanities Discord server has 30 online members and 2 upvotes. Science & Humanities is a Community Discord Server.

Science & Humanities Discord Server Described

: Hello! The International Academy of Science and Humanities is a server dedicated to foster and advance our knowledge of all academic fields

✦ Discussions: Feel free to talk about anything pertaining
to natural and applied sciences, mathematics, logic, philosophy, culture and

    ✦    Clubs:  Participate in club activities! As of now, the list of clubs include 
              only but not limited to: Debate Club (for debating on scientific and 
              philosophical topics), Culture and Arts Club (for discussing various cultures 
              and sharing art), Gaming Club (of course, for games :D) and the Article Club 
              (for discussing any projects of yours, finding partners for research, and 
              posting your work!)

    ✦  Library: The server has an expanding library, filled with content you'll 
             need for referring, or learning something new!

            And of course, you will make friends that you'll treasure!

The Academy intends to become a nonprofit that works towards the advancement of knowledge in science and humanities.

Join us!


30 Online 126 Members

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