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A place for people to socialize in with fellow weebs or just normal non-otakus, hundreds of cool emojis and fun events.
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Royal Weebs

Welcome to Royal Weebs, a public community Discord server for people to socialize and make friends with fellow weebs and non-weebs alike! We have hundreds of cool emojis to use and fun events to participate in.

Our server is a great place to meet new people and make friends. We have plenty of channels to talk about anime, gaming, and other interests. We also have fun activities and events such as movie nights and game nights.

We are a friendly and welcoming community, so don’t be afraid to join in! We look forward to meeting you in the server and having a great time together. With our friendly atmosphere and plenty of activities, Royal Weebs is the perfect place to make some new friends. So don’t hesitate and join us today!

┊We have a friendly community and staff.
┊A vast social community filled with anime fans.
┊A unique server design and easy role system.
┊Channels for Art, Memes, Media, etc.
┊Mudae, Waifugami, Waifubot, anigame, etc.