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Join the Shardeum Discord server to discuss Web 3.0, decentralization and more with 285k members. Get the invite link now!
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The Shardeum Discord server has 12.4K online members and 0 upvotes.

Shardeum Discord Server Described

: Shardeum is the world's first EVM-based L1 which uses sharding to increase TPS with the addition of every new node.

Shardeum is the world’s first EVM-based L1 public, community Discord server. Our server uses sharding to increase TPS with the addition of every new node. This allows our server to scale and provide the best possible user experience.

Our Discord server is a great place to find fellow EVM enthusiasts and discuss all things related to Ethereum. We have a variety of channels for topics such as technical support, project ideas, and general discussion. We also have a dedicated channel for our active members to share their projects and get feedback from the community.

We are a friendly and welcoming community, so come join us and start exploring the possibilities of EVM-based L1!

Shardeum is home to content creators, designers, digital marketers, technologists, cypherpunks and Web 3.0 enthusiasts. They are in charge of bringing a high level of decentralization to billions of people for a more equitable society.

At Shardeum, we follow OCC, which in short is for Open, Collaborative & Community Driven. It is no different from the initial days of the internet where the only CEO was the community who believed when others around dismissed the idea.

Come, let’s decentralise the internet together. ✌️

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