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Socialization (Stream/Record)

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A Small Server planned for Streaming or Recording epic clips and stuffs!

Hello there fella!

👑Owned By: @Nyuuni#5073
Socialization is a place to talk and have fun with some people in the server! Tons of bots and places to participate so hop on right now!
❓ What’s in here and What We Offer?

💬✧Nice and Chill Chat

⬆️✧Levelling System and Rewards



🎮✧Game topics


☕✧Active Owner
⛑️✧Friendly Staff Members
💎✧Boosting Rewards and Perks


🎫✧Help is always here

🏆✧Events and Challenges



🤖✧Some Familiar Bots Included
-➾Dank Memer
-➾Carl Bot
-➾Mee6 and Dyno
-➾Idle Miner

🔊✧Voice Chats


🛡️✧High Moderation

🚫✧Anti-Swear and Spam System

🔐✧High Security

✔️✧And many more!

Opens around January 15 - February 28, 2021


9 Online 10 Members