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🌟Community based server around The Group Chat! 🌟Events! 🌟Giveaways! 🌟Roles! 🌟ACTIVE OWNERS!
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Welcome to The Group Fart!

This is a community based server around The Group Chat! Here you can chat with other members and make new friends, get involved in events, get access to giveaways, earn roles and get access to the latest news!

We have active owners who are always looking to listen to what our members have to say. We have a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and our members are always ready to help each other out.

So, what are you waiting for? Come join us and experience the best that The Group Fart has to offer! 🌟 Events! 🌟 Giveaways! 🌟 Roles! 🌟 Active owners! 🌟 We look forward to seeing you soon! 🤗

This server is all about talking, making new friends with people who also enjoy similar things that you do. This server is dedicated to The Group Chat, a group of guys who make silly little videos on YouTube.

This server has active owners, many giveaways, events, and lots more that can only be found through joining and experiencing for yourself!

We hope to see you join