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Hello and welcome to Stormy Planet! We are having fun talking, playing games, discussing about anime, painting, listening to music and more. Join us to discover all of them!
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Hello and welcome to Stormy Planet! If you would like to survive this storm with us, join us!

Note: This is a new server, so not a lot of people are in, but if you join and stay, it can change preatty fast!

In our server you have access to:

  • Self Advertising,

  • Talk about games, and play them in a tournaments with other players,

  • You can pick your roles, by reacting to an emoji!

  • We will do giveaways,

  • Here you can post you art, and compete and an art events!

  • We have a bot for counting, that makes sure it goes without mistakes,

  • You can talk other languages that English an a specific channel for that!

  • If you like anime, there is a channel for that too,

  • We have minecraft and among us news, chats and voice chats.

  • We also have music voice chats, so you can listen to it with groovy, rythm and pancake!

We are looking for friendly members, that likes to talk and play games.