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The Sun Eater Discord server has 6 online members and 0 upvotes. Sun Eater is a Roleplay Discord Server.

Sun Eater Discord Server Described

: Roleplay fantasy server with dog fights and monsters

Sun Eater!
This is an experimental fantasy based roleplay inspired by Crimson skies and Monster hunter!
You are a human on the planet of Oca, a world of water and small islands. When the demand for the super ore, miracolite, grew beyond the many kingdoms’ expectations, a team of minors and researches were tasked to find as much as possible before wars grew more destructive. The largest ore deposit was found, left submerged underwater in a dead volcano, plugging up the magma inside. After the team broke through the giant miracolite plug, they were horrified to find that blood thirsty beasts were hiding within the volcano, and broke through the plug.
Will you become the one to help stop the invasion of monsters, or will you become the monster and conqure the planet?

-Fly a plane across the globe!
-Form a business!
-Discover a story of manipulation, greed, and inhumanity!
-Simple and effective character stat system!
-Fight giant monsters, sky pirates, and many more!
-Punch a camera, see a naked man!
-face horrors!
-Fair and literate players and staff!
-become the best there is!

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