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The best Roleplay servers voted by our community.

Background for FRIENDS FOREVER

Community  Music 
19 Online 78 Members
A World Of Friends...You Can Chat,Play or more...JOIN NOW..We want to be your favourite server on Discord
Background for Messy Hall
Messy Hall

Community  Social 
74 Online 163 Members
A fun community server! Try join it if you curious 👀
Background for Egg Farm
Egg Farm

Gaming  Meme 
151 Online 719 Members
Greetings! We're a community based server with lots of fun activities, games, bots, giveaways!
Background for excessum.org (main)
excessum.org (main)

Gaming  Fortnite 
209 Online 489 Members
excessum.org • An Australian gaming community for Grand Theft Auto, specialising in the resale of the Luna mod menu.
Background for HyGalaxy

Community  Anime 
8 Online 12 Members
Here is a friendly fun community server!
Background for ⌈﹒K2∕YB⌉

Social  Community 
69 Online 418 Members
A currently small-ish server for mainly furry artists, but allows non-furries that are accepting to their interests.
Background for RSBot

4 Online 7 Members
A discord server to use the Runescape bot.
Background for »—the-secret-garden—>

Community  Social 
55 Online 139 Members
hello there, welcome to »—the secret garden—> where we talk about different stuff like games, music, anime and so much more. this server is also aesthetic themed and open for anyone under18
Background for ❄Shota Seiso Server
❄Shota Seiso Server

Gaming  Roleplay 
13 Online 29 Members
Server Currently In Progress! Please Join To Help Community Become Bigger!
Background for Celina cult
Celina cult

Meme  Roblox 
3 Online 4 Members
this is a fun server for you and your friends to play games and chat
Background for Juice's New Dojo
Juice's New Dojo

Music  Meme 
40 Online 97 Members
A CHILL server created for people to network, stream, share information, & have fun.. IdleRPG - Pokemon - Streamers - Movie Nights & MORE!
Background for NotSoServer

Community  Emotes 
5,265 Online 17,142 Members
help server for notsobot. ping the roles to get help with notsobot.
Background for Dragon Imperial Union
Dragon Imperial Union

Community  Meme 
33 Online 150 Members
Fun games memes songs role-playing fun bots kind staff and more we are family here. Just follow rules and you will be respected.
Background for IdleRPG Community
IdleRPG Community

Gaming  Roleplay 
8,195 Online 25,427 Members
Official community for the IdleRPG Discord Bot. Play, help others, chat, make friends and hang out here!
Background for 🌻 Sunflower Eclipse🌻
🌻 Sunflower Eclipse🌻

Roblox  Gaming 
68 Online 243 Members
Sunflower Eclipse is about meeting new people, having fun, joining giveaways, playing with bot+more. We have Roblox giveaways and other games. We have skribb.io, among us, and etc events.