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Join the Tatsu Pit Discord server for a fun, friendly gaming community with 256,000 members and an invite link to join.
  • 13 upvotes in July
  • 53 Online
  • 247 Members
The Tatsu Pit Discord server has 53 online members and 13 upvotes. Tatsu Pit is a Gaming Discord Server.

Tatsu Pit Discord Server Described

: Come to play with Tatsu (and other bots) on our Tatsu fan gamer server! 🎮

Welcome to Tatsu Pit, a Tatsu gamer server! We are a fan based server; and therefore, not affiliated with Tatsu in any way.

The purpose of this server, and its resulting community, is to make using the Tatsu bot as easy as possible. What do you say, will you join us? We have other bots too, a super community, giveaways, cool leveledroles, constant info of Tatsu events and news, and the best; we DIDN’T BLOCK any channel to give you Tatsu credits/XPs! (See our other bots: UnbelievaBoat, Mantaro, OwO, ZeroTwo.)

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