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Come join the best fast growing Hangout server for teens with owners and staff working around the clock to keep u happy and safe Make friends and invite already made ones

Hey were a cool hangout for 13-17 year old we accept everyone that comes into
are server, We have bots and a great community. Come join now. We provide a safe envorment to teens from 13-17 and have rules in place to protect you people 12 or 18+. We also have verifcation in place and special channels that need to be applied for
so people that are not fit for that age will not see content for a diffrent age gap. We give support to people that need it
and do tons of events. We also make sure any 12 and 18+ are banned and reported to discord


We are an amazing Teen discord server and support dating on here!!(But not entire around dating)

We also give sex-education.(sfw)

We have basic rules and we need staff and we have tons of e-girls and e-boys!!

We help you find what you need and you can come join us anytime!!

We do giveaways to and support everyone!!


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