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Join The Mouthfuls Discord server for public speaking, creative speaking, socializing and more! Get the invite link and start practicing today! 1.92k members.
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The The Mouthfuls Discord server has 639 online members and 0 upvotes. The Mouthfuls is a Community Discord Server.

The Mouthfuls Discord Server Described

: Practice thinking on our feet, speaking off the cuff, getting our points across quickly and making small talk. Improve quick thinking, public speaking and social skills.

The Mouthfuls
Improve thinking on our feet, speaking off the cuff, getting points across quickly, and making small talk with others.

Our format:
Prompt (fancy talk for topic) + impromptu speech

Why we are here:

  • Public speaking (influence, resonance or speaking anxiety)
  • Creative speaking (wits, quips and charisma), and
  • Socializing (small talk, introversion and shyness)
  • Speaking English as a foreign language at an advanced level
  • Seasoned members mentor others, or enjoy the friendship and laughs

Daily practice:

  • Zoom meetings at 8:00 PM Monday to Friday pm (or Tuesday to Saturday am for some time zones); and 1:00 PM on Sunday pm (or Monday am)
  • practice in voice channel with interested members online: 🗣-join-a-group
  • In real life ‘one minute speaking’ in a park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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