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CALLING ALL CONTENT CREATORS! The nebula is a gaming community founded by ScudiTV!
Complete the captcha to join the The Nebula 💫 Discord Server

If you are a content creator or a Twitch streamer come apply for Nebula Affiliate! We setup auto hosts/raids and create a giant web of streamers to boost each other! You must be ready to match the same energy!! More details inside! Same goes with ALL social media platforms ⭐️
🌟Server is boosted to LEVEL 3!! Higher quality voice chats custom emotes and more!
🌟A welcoming community of gamers!
🌟Dedicated channels for playing music and listening together!
🌟FULL server leveling system for being active that you “level up” gaining new roles!
🌟Dedicated channels to share YOUR gaming content and Live streams with the community!
🌟NASA news, Gaming events, dank memes, and MORE fun channels to interact!