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This a Safe for work Community Channel. If you reach level 60, you can swear in the swearing channel.

Hi. Welcome to the TOBA NATION. This is a server made for my YT channel. We are a very small and very inactive server and all I want is for my server to be active. Here are reasons why you should join

1: We have a custom 2-step verification
You heard me, custom 2-step verification. So that means no raids.

2: You need 2fa to take moderator actions. That’s cool. I know. I’m smart

3: We have a leveling system, invite system, Giveaways and events.

4: You can be the first people to make a chat active.

5: We have color roles :)

6: (WIP) Staff appliciation (staff is my friends)

7: We have creator roles. If your a YouTube Creator then you have to meet the requirements.

So what are you waiting for. Join the TOBA NATION today


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