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An anime and art server! We're also creating our own animes, you can suggest your own ideas!

⚘ ⑉ Winter Anime ⑉ ⚘

Best place to draw and talk about anime!

New feature:
You can suggest your own anime ideas and if you boost the server you’ll have more chances to be picked

If you want to be paid for your art it’s a good place to start (β—• -)

😎 Mature people (but not too much 😜)
πŸͺ” Plenty of art
πŸ“£ Self promotion
🎊 Server advertising
🎯 Creating our own anime
🎌 English and international chat
πŸŽ‰ Monthly giveaway
β™₯️ Emote server
πŸ₯³ And much more!

Let’s build our own animes! Together we can do it!


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