Accord #6037

Added: 10 months ago
Updated: 2 months ago
Servers: 2.6K
Created by: ABCRic#8785
Prefix: . (by default. can be changed!)
Users: 220.2K

Quotes, greet messages, Stream notifications, dice rolling, timers, the kitchen sink, and much more!

Multipurpose Fun Gaming

Accord is a multi-purpose bot that aims to have as many useful features as possible.

Accord has commands for:

  • Quotes & Preset messages
  • Greetings
  • Dice rolling and simple math
  • Unit and currency conversion (so your imperial and metric friends can get along!)
  • Twitch/Picarto/Piczel stream online notifications with mentions
  • Timer notifications and chronometers
  • User, channel and server info
  • Polls
  • Roll calls
  • List shuffling, random user picking
  • Lookup timezones, osu! stats, fortnite stats, xkcd, D&D spells, and other things
  • ...many more!

See the full list of commands at Accord's help page. Accord's default is prefix is . but you can change it to anything that's more convenient. See the help for instructions.