Discord Economy Bots

Find the best Discord Economy Bots for your Discord Server, including Dank Memer to Soccer Guru and more!

Dank Memer Discord Bot Banner
Dank Memer Discord Bot Logo

A global currency game for collecting items, getting rich, robbing friends, taking care of virtual pets, gambling, and so much more.
Soccer Guru Discord Bot Banner
Soccer Guru Discord Bot Logo

Dive into a Football/Soccer Bot with Statistics/Predictions/Live Scores/Betting & More. Use the economy system to build your Ultimate XI.
Tatsu Discord Bot Banner
Tatsu Discord Bot Logo

Collect 110+ 😹Pets, Build your Discord 🏠house w/ 1000+ furni pieces; Fully animated! Profiles, Leveling, Server & Global Economy; Free Reaction & Leveled Roles; New content bi-weekly;
Bake.gg Discord Bot Banner
Bake.gg Discord Bot Logo

Fun  Gaming 
The most interactive game on Discord! Prepare and serve delicious pastry to customers as you grow & build the best bakery in town!
IdleRPG Discord Bot Banner
IdleRPG Discord Bot Logo

An IdleRPG bot with shop system, characters, classes, dungeons, items, PvP, economy, gambling, marriage, music, guilds and much more!
Mewbot Discord Bot Banner
Mewbot Discord Bot Logo

Mewbot is the pokemon bot you've been looking for to spice up your server-A true pokemon experience for discord
Rocket Gambling Bot Discord Bot Banner
Rocket Gambling Bot Discord Bot Logo

Fun  Gaming 
Rocket Gambling Bot - A collection of your favourite casino games at your fingertips!
Isles.gg Discord Bot Banner
Isles.gg Discord Bot Logo

A thrilling simulation game that will take you on an exciting journey to build the most powerful island.
TIPBOT Discord Bot Banner
TIPBOT Discord Bot Logo

Cryptocurrencies tipping such as BTC, DOGE, LTC, XMR, WRKZ, TRTL, DEGO, UPX, LTHN, WOW, XCH, XDAI, TRX, NANO, BAN, USDT and many more (~ 100+ coins/tokens)
Lootcord Discord Bot Banner
Lootcord Discord Bot Logo

A Rust themed fighting and looting bot! Open crates, collect items and battle your friends! Features global and server-side economies!
PokéBest Discord Bot Banner
PokéBest Discord Bot Logo

Pokébest - The only Pokemon bot you will ever need for your Discord server. Catch, Trade and Collect your favourite Pokemon, Play Battles and Much More.
UltimateRPG Discord Bot Banner
UltimateRPG Discord Bot Logo

Offers a universal RPG game for you and your guild members to play. You can go on adventures, farm resources, buy items and more!
DittoBOT Discord Bot Banner
DittoBOT Discord Bot Logo

DittoBOT is one of the most full featured Pokémon bots on Discord
Amusement Club Discord Bot Banner
Amusement Club Discord Bot Logo

Thousands of cards are waiting to be claimed. Get started today by inviting Amusement Club to your server!
Mining Tycoon Discord Bot Banner
Mining Tycoon Discord Bot Logo

Mining Tycoon is a Discord economy game bot. Set up your very own mining empire! Upgrade your tools to get rewarded with better loot and a chance to find rare lootboxes.
ChampBot Discord Bot Banner
ChampBot Discord Bot Logo

Find the most active users in a server, your past avatars & names, play trivia, casino, akinator, blackjack, weather, music, and much more!