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Just another Discord bot that does some things when you say some things.

Moderation Music Multipurpose Roleplay

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Yuuko 2019-05-15_1

Yuuko, programmed in Java using Gradle for dependencies, utilising the JDA wrapper and Lavalink for audio.

If you want Yuuko your own server, follow this link to invite her.

Key Features


Liven up your Discord server with music from a number of sources including YouTube, Twitch, SoundCloud or any HTTP source of audio such as online radio stations.

Reaction Role

Want your users to be able to select roles simply by reacting ro a message? With the reaction role feature you can assign server roles to reacts on messages... find out how here!


Have you ever wanted to spice up your chatting experience with interactions. Yuuko has a range of different interaction commands available that allows you to express yourself in more than just words.


  • Core settings help shards module about vote command
  • World natgeo urban underground petition weather countdown tesco
  • Moderation nuke kick mute ban
  • Interaction pout shrug angry cry kiss poke sleep attack bite blush hug laugh tickle pet kill dance pat
  • Utility guild bind ping roles channel avatar user
  • Developer setstatus reapi redb lavalink syncguilds
  • Audio play last clear skip seek pause search current stop background loop shuffle lyrics queue
  • Media osu github kitsu
  • Fun 8ball spoilerify roll choose flip

Visit www.yuuko.info for a detailed full list of commands!

Support server: https://discord.gg/VsM25fN