ServerStats #0197

Added: 20 days ago
Updated: 6 days ago
Created by: ZixeSea#1234
Prefix: stats/

Shows a nice list of all the members and bots in a server (shows it in channels name).

Social Utility

ServerStatsV2.0.3 bot My bot will show who many members, bots, and total users there are in your discord server. This will be shown under a category with 3 channels and the channel names will be changed. You can also customize the text that is displayed in front of the number. And my bot will help with the setup by giving easy to understand steps.

Go to this link for a step by step setup instructions

important!!! My bot needs to have admin rights to change the channel names so if the bot doesn't have it THE BOT WON'T WORK. If the bot has admin rights but still doesn't work PLEASE contact me at: ZixeSea#1234 or join the support server.

To see all the commands, use this command: stats/help And to start the setup use: stats/start-setup All the other commands:

Commands (Normal):

stats/help Shows all the commands.

stats/channel Shows the server info in the chat.

Commands (Admin):

stats/refresh Refresh all the stats of a server.

stats/set-all [text] Change the text of all.

stats/set-member [text] Change the text of members.

stats/set-bot [text] Change the text of bots.

Commands (Admin setup):

stats/start-setup Starts the setup.

stats/create-channel Creates all the channels that the bot needs.

stats/set-channel [name] Can set an old channel to use.