ServerStats #0197

Added: 3 months ago
Updated: 7 days ago
Servers: 2.2K
Created by: ZixeSea#1234
Prefix: s/ or @mention
Users: 163.3K

This is a member count bot that will show all your members and bot in a fancy way, and it will automatically update the counters.

Social Utility

ServerStats V3

This bot will show who many members, bots, and total users there are in your discord server. This will be shown under a category with 3 channels and the channel names will be changed. You can also customize the text that is displayed in front end behind the number. The setup is really easy just type s/setup

important You need to run the setup command first, without it the bot won't do much. Use s/setup or @mention setup to run the setup.

Setup information

Go to this link for a step by step setup instructions or video:

This bot needs to have some permissions to change the channel names so if the bot doesn't have it THE BOT WON'T WORK. If the bot has the right permissions but still doesn't work you can join the support server and get help there.

Bot commands

⚙️ Normal commands: ⚙️

s/help [Sends you all the available commands.]

s/customize [Sends info about how to customize the counters.]

s/ping [Sends a pong message with latency.]

s/invite [Sends you an invite link for this bot.]

s/vote [Sends you a vote link for this bot.]

s/donate [Sends you instructions on how to donate.]

s/error [Sends you info about what-to-do if there is a problem.]

ℹ️ Info commands: ℹ️

s/info [Sends info about the bot.]

s/serverinfo [Sends info about the server.]

s/userinfo <userID/mention> [Sends info about a user.]

s/avatar <userID/mention> [Sends the avatar form the user.]

🔒 Admin commands: 🔒

s/setup [Sets up the bot.]

s/refresh [Force refresh the counters.]

s/data [Shows you the data I have saved about your server.]

s/remake [This will remake all the channels and change the IDs in the database.]

s/category <ID> [This will create a new category or set another one.]

s/channel <all/members/bots> <ID/mention> [This command can change the channel of a counter.]