Yuki #0545

Added: a year ago
Updated: 9 days ago
Servers: 567
Created by: SplitXPlayZ#2071
Prefix: y!

A new bot was made for many-many features and utility.

Fun Social Meme

Welcome to the Yuki's bot page!

Main Features:

NSFW, Moderation, and and more memes to you.



Version (with build)



Command Usage Description Permission Level
ping | Gets the response time of the bot everyone
fnstats <epic-username> [platform pc/psn/xbl] {mode all/season} Gets some informations about that users. everyone
help | Gets help for all commands, or for a specific command if provided everyone
botinfo | Any bot informations about the author, and the bot libary. everyone
serverinfo | Shows the server informations like who created the server! everyone
roleinfo <Rolewithoutmention> Shows the role information, like the color of the role. everyone
anime | Gets some informations about anime series. everyone
ilegal | Trump made that word is ilegal! Oh no! :( everyone
addrole Adds that role(s) for that user. everyone
removerole Removes that role(s) for that user. everyone
hentai | Shows some generated some hentai images. everyone (NSFW)
trap | Shows some generated some trap images. everyone (NSFW)
4k | Shows some generated some real images. everyone (NSFW)
lewd | Shows some generated some lewd images. everyone (NSFW)
anal | Shows some generated some anal images. everyone (NSFW)
report @Mention Reason Reports user with a reason!
neko | Shows some cute nekos! :3 everyone
achievement <yourmessage> Congratulations! Achievement was get. everyone
slap <@Mention> Slaps a user. everyone
pat <@Mention> Pats a user. everyone
kiss <@Mention> Kisses a user. everyone
hug <@Mention> Hugs a user. everyone
poke <@Mention> Pokes a user. everyone
ban @Mention Reason Bans user with a reason!
kick @Mention Reason Kicks user with a reason!
tempmute @Mention Reason Tempmutes user with a reason!
unmute @Mention Reason Unmutes user with a reason!
mute @Mention Reason Mutes user with a reason!