RandoBot #3491

Added: 4 months ago
Updated: 16 days ago
Servers: 129
Created by: ManicRobot#3198
Prefix: + and @mention (customizable)
Users: 75.8K

RandoBot includes text and image manipulation, an economy and much more!

Fun Economy Meme

What even is RandoBot?

RandoBot is a bot to have fun with and it is continously getting more features. The bot has no specific theme so you can suggest any feature you want and maybe it'll be implemented!

What is RandoBot capable of already?

RandoBot can already access Inspirobot.me, post pictures of cats or dogs, do image and text manipulation (including BonziBuddy and turning texts into emojipastas!), it has an economy and much more! The newest feature is inter-server connections: connect to specific servers to talk with them or send messages to random servers! What it will be able to do in the feature is up to you!

Where can I suggest features?

You can suggest any features in the RandoBot Support Server, you can get an invite link by using the +support command or just use the "Join Support Server" button above. I'll be happy to implement your suggestions! :)

What else about this bot?

Downtimes happen sometimes when I deploy new features, but these are usually very short and overall the uptime is good. RandoBot is still pretty fresh (as you can tell by its ID) and it's still under heavy development to deliver new and exciting features!

So why don't you invite it to your server and give it a try?