Amadeus #3498

Added: 6 months ago
Updated: 6 months ago
Servers: 18
Created by: Elm#1337
Prefix: a!
Users: 1.8K

Amadeus is an easy to use Discord bot with music, powerful moderating commands, web dashboard and many more functions!

Web Dashboard Music Moderation Fun Meme Levelling

Amadeus is Discord bot made with goal of making owning Discord server easier. It inherits most commonly used functions from few bots like leveling system and warning system. One of Amadeus' goal is to provide fun Discord bot for your users to use as well.

It features easy-to-use web dashboard where you can disable categories of commands on your will. Music system features playlists you can save and play later so you don't have to add songs to queue all over again!

Invite Amadeus today and see bunch of it's features in action!