HQ|One #1220

Added: 6 months ago
Updated: 8 days ago
Created by: FighterMan0#0162
Prefix: B

We have attempted to create a legendary discord bot , One for all solution.

Multipurpose Music Moderation

The bot is still under development and will get very advanced with a lot of updates. We are hoping to replace every other discord bot.


Autoplaylist-There are two types of autoplaylist if you have not set a private autoplaylist the bot will play from public autoplaylist when no songs are queued Moderation-We currently have the standard moderation commands like kick and ban. But we planned to make it way more advanced. Giveaway command-We have implemented a give a way command. We may do give aways in the feature for your server. Music-The bot has the standard music commands with a little touch of creativity.This will get updated and as we planned. to make it extremely advanced