Merlin #5705

Added: 2 months ago
Updated: 2 months ago
Created by: ICTman#5904
Prefix: ::

Merlin - the FIRST AND ONLY public bot with a Klingon dictionary and provably random number generation! A unique bot with multiple unique features created for fun.

Multipurpose Fun


A bot by Sorcerertech

The epic commands you can use with Merlin:


Generate a provably random number.


Get the Klingon Word of the Day from Hol 'ampaS.


Search a Klingon (tlhIngan) dictionary, powered by the boQwI' database


Set a role to be mentionable, ping it, then unsets it again.

::help, ::ping

I think we all know what these are.

Give it a try today for free - more commands Soon™!

Merlin - a multipurpose bot that does Stuff™.