ramfish #0900

Added: 2 months ago
Updated: a month ago
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Created by: ramoth#3515
Prefix: - (customizable) or @ramfish
Users: 13.8K

ramfish is a multipurpose Discord bot that has lots og features to it.

Economy Fun Utility Multipurpose

ramfish - a multipurpose bot

ramfish allows you to do so much fun stuff like:

  • Adopting a dog (who doesn't like that)
  • Convert your "hard earned" gambling coins into money
  • Buy a car with that money
  • Getting married to a gold digger because you own a cool car (well, not rlly, but soon) and so much more...

ramfish also allows you to:

  • Check the weather
  • See what's going in the world every second
  • See reviewings on a movie from IMDB
  • Check out spotify song stats and more...

So what are you waiting for, oooh wait, did i tell you about the beautiful website. Do i see a web dashboard coming to the site...