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Created by: 葵 -あおい-#0782
Short link: discord.ly/57wq5pyiic3jgobjgaxjgy0t
サーバーを便利にするBot。 / Bot to make the server convenient. Multifunctional Bot "Yudzuki" for Japan.

サーバーを便利にするBot。 / Bot to make your server useful.

主な機能 / Main functions

翻訳 / Translation

You can quickly translate it into your preferred language.

グローバルチャット / Global Chat

Global Chat allows you to chat with people who are not on the same server as you, as if they were on a single server.
Currently, there are over 70 servers participating in this service, which will help to prevent overpopulation on your server.

グローバルBan / Global Ban

Global Ban is a function to prevent damage to other servers when they are vandalized on your server.
Moreover, when a user is vandalized on another server, it can prevent your server from being damaged by the punishment.

レベル / Level

You can use the level feature to see who is speaking more often. You can also award positions as rewards for leveling up, if needed.

引用 / Quote

Simply send a link to a past message or a message sent to another channel to get an instant view of the content.

There are other useful features as well. For more information, please visit See here.