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Invite ABotThatDoesALot bot to your server and enjoy its Moderation, Levelling, Economy and Game commands. Discover the power of ABotThatDoesALot Discord Bot.

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ABotThatDoesALot Discord Bot Described:

A bot that does a lot has a wide variety of commands including: Moderation commands, levelling commands, economy commands and multiple games!

A BotThatDoesAlot is your ultimate starter pack for Discord bots!

The possible commands are:

Server control:

These commands require an administrator role:

SetPrefix [Prefix],

Ban [User#1234],

Kick [User#1234],

unban [User#1234],

SetSwearWord [Word],

RemoveSwearWord [Word],

clear [Amount of messages],

ClearWarnings [User#1234],

SetSwearWords [word],

AddItem [Role] [Price],

RemoveItem [Item]

Public commands


Calculate [sum]

ListSwearWords (Will censor if necessary),

commands - It is the command you just used,

Level - See what level you are!,

Leaderboard - Displays a leaderboard of the Top 20 highest levels,

Rob [user],

Work - To get/lose coins,

Shop - To display the available items in the shop,

BuyItem [index],

Meme - to generate a random meme,

Donate - to support me,




Withdraw [Amount],

Invest [Amount]

Farmshop - displays the animals you can buy

BuyAnimal [Animal][Qauntity]

SellAnimal [Animal][Qauntity]

Farmstats - Displays your farm’s statistics

CreatePoll [Title][Item1][Item2]…

EndPoll [PollTitle]

Vote [PollTitle] [Pollitem]

Poll [PollTitle]

RPS [Object]

StackOverflow [Question]


ApexStats [platform] [Playername]

CS:GO [SteamID]

GameInfo [Game]


8Ball [Question],

Hangman [Guess],

TicTacToe [Player1][Player2],

30Seconds [Player1][Player2]

To play TicTacToe you have to create a category called TICTACTOE and for 30 Seconds you have to create a category called 30SECONDS! TicTacToe and 30Seconds also creates/deletes private channels and roles for the private channel so they won’t work without the correct permissions…

For companies you need 10 000 coins to start! They are really awesome to keep your money safe from being robbed and they can have any name! You can’t rob people with 0 coins ,because what do you have to lose and you can store your money in your company so no robbing with 0 coins. Try to do some work first! There might be a pattern with people with less than 10 coins, not going to reveal it though!

By default the ‘s’-word is banned so you can remove it by saying, “{Your prefix here}RemoveSwearWord S***”. Also by default the clear command will delete 5 messages!

When you list swear words it’ll censor any profanity. I have a list of 13500 words so I am sorry if your word is not in it! Just join my support server and I’ll add it to the list if you tell me to!

If you are not familiar with 30 seconds, then here’s a brief description of how it works: The game starts off with 2 players and 2 private channels. I am really sorry admins/owners this game might not work for you, but if you want to play just don’t look in the questions channel! There will be a q/a channel. The person who recieves the answers has to describe them for the other person, without saying the actual word or sharing a screenshot and please don’t cheat. You’re just ruining the game for yourself!

For shops, the owner can add roles. These roles can’t be admininstrator roles or roles that have special permissions in them! They are just a title, DO NOT SELL YOUR ADMIN. People can and will get enough coins to buy it and they can delete channels. Please don’t sell your admin. Anyways the bot won’t even be able to give them admin, but I’m just warning you for incase it works!

I am really sorry in advance if one of the memes generated by the >meme command has profanity in it. I don’t control the subreddit. Don’t spam the bot with memes, I programmed it asycnchronously, so you’ll do nothing to increase load. It will respond to you though, but sometimes it’ll just ignore you, because I have a secret cooldown in it.

Let me know if you encounter any problems. You can do it by just joining the support server and then you can just ping me. I hope I don’t regret that sentence one day. This bot is managed by one person so please be patient…

I hope you enjoy it!

(Every milestone we reach we’ll try to bring you guys an update!)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add ABotThatDoesALot Discord Bot to my server?

You can add ABotThatDoesALot to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add ABotThatDoesALot Discord Bot' on this page.

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