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Will enhance your servers. Combined features from MEE6, Dyno, Pancake, Giveaway, Arcane, Rythm, Hydra, Octave, Groovy, and Dank Memer!


Abuse is a server friendly Discord bot. He is full of Games and helpful commands for your server! Ranging from Moderation commands to Music commands, Abuse has it all.
</br>The prefix is changeable via command.
</br>The commands below use the default prefix for abuse ‘-’


Command Description Examples
-8ball Ask the magic 8ball a question. -8ball
-abuse Stop the abuse. -abuse
-hello Say hello to Abuse. -hello
-hug Send a hug to a friend. -hug
-kitten Put a smile on your face with cute kittens. -kitten
-l Hand someone a fat L with this command. -l
-meme Get some quality meme content. -meme
-poke Send a poke to a friend. -poke
-puppy Put a smile on your face with cute puppies. -puppy
-roll Roll a dice. -roll
-russianroullete Will you die or live pull the trigger and find out. -russianroullete
-sausage Shows the size of your sausage. -sausage
-say Abuse will repeat after you. -say
-ship See how much two people love each other! -ship


Command Description Examples
-loop Toogles loop of queue. -loop
-nowplaying Displays what is playing now. -nowplaying
-pause Pause the music that is currently playing. -pause
-play Plays music of your liking. -play
-queue Displays the queue of music. -queue
-remove Removes song from queue. -remove
-resume Resumes the current music. -resume
-search Plays music of your liking with selection. -search
-shuffle Shuffles the queue. -shuffle
-skip Skips to the next song in the queue. -skip
-stop Stops all music playing and clears the queue. -stop
-trending Shows most liked videos. -trending
-volume Changes the volume of the music playing. -volume


Command Description Examples
-config Set config of a guild. -config
-setprefix Sets the prefix for the guild. -setprefix
-setbio Set the bio on your profile. -setbio
-setcustomembedcolor Set’s the embed hex color code for a user. -setcustomembedcolor
-setembedcolor Set’s the embed hex color code for a user. -setembedcolor


Command Description Examples
-balance Shows current balance of money left. -balance
-baltop Show the global balance of the top 10 users with the most Abuse Coins. -baltop
-buy Buys items in Abuse economy. -buy
-gamble Gamble your Abuse Coins away and maybe strick it rich! -gamble
-leaderboard Show the global ranking of tiers. -leaderboard
-levelup Gain xp for weely leaderboard. -levelup
-pay Pays another user from your balance. -pay
-slots Gamble as if you are at a casino and play at a slot machine. (testing) -slots
-tiers See tier infomation. -tiers
-tierup Tierup by a set number. -tierup


Command Description Examples
-ban Ban a user from your guild. -ban
-case Check a case number from your guild. -case
-kick Kick a user from your guild. -kick
-mute Mutes a user. -mute
-purge Deletes the number of messages you put. -purge
-unmute Unmutes a user. -unmute
-vckick Kicks someone out of a voice channel. -vckick
-warn Warn a user from your guild. -warn


Command Description Examples
-avatar Display’s avatar of the user. -avatar
-botinfo Shows some general bot information. -botinfo
-guildpremium Check time remaining on guild premium subscription. -guildpremium
-help Shows how to use each command. -help
-invite Invitation to the bot and the official discord. -invite
-minecraft Shows server info. -minecraft
-permission Shows all of Abuse’s Permissions. -permission
-ping Get an estimate on the latacy on the bot and discord api. -ping
-premium Check time remaining on premium subscription. -premium
-profile Displays user’s profile information. -profile
-roblox Get data on a roblox account. -roblox
-roles Show the roles of the current guild. -roles
-stats Shows stats of Abuse Bot. -stats
-uptime Show how long the bot has been online since the last restart. -uptime
-userinfo Displays information on a user. -userinfo


Command Description Examples
-botleaderboard Show the global ranking of bot’s upvotes. -botleaderboard
-bump Upvote a guild or bot by typing this command in a guild that you like. -bump
-calculator Works as a scientific calculator. -calculator
-google Ask google something. -google
-guildleaderboard Show the global ranking of guild’s upvotes. -guildleaderboard
-sounds Play a sound. -sounds
-suggestions Give us feedback about the bot. -suggestions
-translate Translates any language to any other language. -translate
-vote Vote for Abuse bot and get rewards! -vote
-weeklyleaderboard Show the global ranking of weekly xp. -weeklyleaderboard

Bot staff+

Command Description Examples
-addbot Staff command to add bots to Abuse Bot Leaderboards. -addbot
-blacklist Blacklisting a user from Abuse. -blacklist
-eval Run code without crashing bot and without editing files. -eval
-execute Run something in console. -execute
-faq This command is for #faq. -faq
-overridebio Override someone’s bio. -overridebio
-playlist This command is in testing. -playlist
-reload Reloads files in the bot. -reload
-setpermission Setting permission of what a user can use and can’t use. -setpermission
-tapawar Tap a war. -tapawar
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.