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Created by: megamaz#1020
Short link: discord.ly/adminbot
A bot meant to make it easier for Admins to do their jobs!

Main info

AdminBOT is mainly meant to make it easier for Admins on servers to not have to work as hard. We’re not quite there yet, but with occasional updates, we are getting there!



  • help (page number): Gives you a list of the commands.
  • population: Gives you your server's amount of people. (Includes bots!)
  • changelog: Gives you info on AdminBOT's latest update!


  • censor [word] Censors a word that will be deleted if a non-admin says it.
  • uncensor [word] Removes a word from the censored list.
  • clear_censor Clear a censored list. This action cannot be undone.
  • announce [Channel ID] [Announcement] Makes an announcement
  • kick [mention user] Kicks the specified user
  • ben [mention user] Bans the specified user
  • join [Channel ID] Will send a message whenever a user joins the sever in the specified channel

Additional Info

  • Made in Python Discord.py
  • Shutdowns / Restarts / Updates are announced in the Support Server
  • Bot Currently Up on Three websites;
  1. top.gg
  2. Discord Bots
  3. Here!