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Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Upvotes this month: 8
Prefix: ~
Created by: Mee6#5832
Short link: discord.ly/akiko
akiko is a fun discord bot that was made by Mee6#5832 51+ commands


a fun discord bot that was made by Mee6#5832
it has more than 51+ commands send ~help to see the commands.


~gift @name (;
~cfact a random cat fact!
~penis shows how long your pp is
~gae well… it does stuff
~number gives you a random number
~ask [ask a question]
~howdumb shows how dumb you are
~say makes the bot say something
~waifu waifu rate
~howgay shows you how gay you are
~mentaldisorder shows what mental disorder you have
~kill @name to kill someone
~kiss @name to kiss someone
~laugh a random fake laugh
~like likes your message


~kick @name to kick someone
~ban @name to ban someone
~unban <~!Id> to unban someone
~membas count members not accurate for some reasons ):

not safe for work

~nsfwgif a random nsfw gif
~hentai a random hentai shit


~lizard a random lizard picture
~newavatar gives you a new avatar picture
~cat meow!
~dog woof!
~gay @name to gayify someone
~invert @name to invert someone’s profile pic
~foxgirl a random fox girl


~meme a random old meme
~chucknorris a chucknorris joke


~baka stupid!
~slap @name to slap someone


~owo [text] owoify
~font [text] a cool font works with arabic ;)
~mock [text] mOcK a TeXt
~credits shows credits
~whoami shows who are you
~ping Pong
~50/50 uh why did i add this[don’t use it plz]
~aww a cute picture
~drawnanime a random drawn meme i’ve found
~password [generates a strong passowrd and dm’s it to you]
~level [converts your xp to your level]
~heartbeat [well heart beating the slower it is the laggier the bot is]


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