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This bot was created so that you can set an alarm for the scheduled time. This will help you not to miss an important meeting with friends.

Alarmer - alarm on the scheduled time.
Hello. This bot is designed so that you can not miss an important meeting or meeting with friends. To learn how to use it, simply enter $start in any of the channels. Also, this bot will help you a lot for planning the viewing of any movies on your server. I can continue to give examples of use, but, perhaps, I will finish.

Bug catchers.

At the moment, users who used this bot did not find a single bug. For me it’s just great. If you find a bug, then immediately send it to [email protected]. I will consider it, and you will appear here.

Bot updates.

The last update was on 02.07.2020. In this update, the bot itself was added. (update number: e37ao9)

Support me.

If you want to support the further development of bots, then please help me financially by clicking on this link. Thank you very much.

Have a good use & day!

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Prefix: !
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Julheer#5555
Short link: discord.ly/alarmer