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A easy bot to use that has: Fun | Misc | Leveling | Logs | Reddit | Music | Images | Moderation and Info commands & a lot more!

This bot features small things but will be more in the feature.

Action: Cuddle, Hug, Kiss, Pat, Poke.
Economy: Coins, Work, Daily, Crime, Russia, Slots.
Fun: Ping, Rate, Ship.
Images: Cat, Dankmeme, Im14, Meme, Pewdiepiesub, Cursedimages.
Info: Avatar, Help, Infobot, Donate, Profile, Serverinfo, Twitter, Uptime, Vote, Whois.
Misc: 8ball, Coinflip, Do_i, Say.
Moderation: Channelsay, Kick, Logs, Purge, Report, Tempmute.
Social: Rep, Level, Profile, Settitle.
Music: Np, Pause, Play, Queue, Resume, Skip, Stop.

The bot was created by Tolfx and some other creators but the owner is Tolfx and hosted by SwePlox.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.