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Invite ALPHA Bot to your server and enjoy its Moderation, Fun, Games, and Welcome/Join commands. Get the full ALPHA Discord Bot experience!

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ALPHA Discord Bot Described:

A bot which has Moderation commands,some fun commands,has some games,welcome/join message and much more..



▫️kick <@member> <reason>𒄉Kicks the mentioned member from the server. ▫️votekick <@member>𒄉Creates a poll to get choose from members to kick that mentioned member or not. ▫️ban <@member>𒄉Bans the mentioned member from the server. ▫️mute <@member>𒄉Mutes the mentioned member from the server. ▫️unmute <@member>𒄉Unmuted the mentioned member from the server. ▫️warn <@user> <reason>𒄉Warns the mentioned member. ▫️checkwarns <@user>𒄉Displays number of warns of mentioned member. ▫️roles𒄉Display all roles in the server. ▫️av <@member>𒄉Displays the mentioned member Icon. ▫️giverole <@member> <@role>𒄉Add mentioned role to the mentioned member. ▫️takerole <@member> <@role>𒄉Remove mentioned role from the mentioned member. ▫️ticket+ <Subject(optional)>𒄉Open a new ticket to talk with staffs. ▫️close𒄉Closes the ticket Only members with admin permission can use. ▫️purge <o-∞>𒄉Delete mentioned number of recent chats. ▫️clear <0-100>𒄉Delete mentioned number of recent chats Max=100. ▫️changename <@user> <newname>𒄉Changes nickname for mentioned member.


▫️announce <message>𒄉Announce the message with embed. ▫️say <message>𒄉Sends the message without embed.


▫️addemoji <emojiname> <emojiURL>𒄉Adds the mentioned emoji to the server. ▫️stealemoji <emoji>𒄉Steal emoji from other servers.


▫️quote𒄉Shares some famous quotes. ▫️slap <@user>𒄉Shares a funny slap gif. ▫️kill <@user>𒄉Shares a funny kill gif. ▫️roast <@user>𒄉Roasts the mentioned user. ▫️lovecheck <@userr>𒄉Shows the bond between you and mentioned member. ▫️anime𒄉Shares some anime images. ▫️cry𒄉Shares some crying gifs. ▫️freenitro𒄉Fake nitro prank. ▫️emoji𒄉Shares random emojis. ▫️dance𒄉Shares some dancing gifs. ▫️imgsay <Text>𒄉Displays the mentioned text in image format. ▫️battle𒄉Battle with reinforcements. ▫️*RPS <your choice>𒄉Rock,Paper, Scissor game.


▫️botinfo𒄉Displays Bot Info. ▫️userinfo <@member>𒄉Gives Info for mentioned member. ▫️serverinfo𒄉Displays Server Info. ▫️infoemoji <emoji>𒄉Displays the mentioned emoji Info.


▫️poll <Text>𒄉Creates a poll. ▫️lowercase <TEXT>𒄉Converts the given text in lowercase. ▫️uppercase <text>𒄉Converts the given text in UPPERCASE. ▫️google <text>𒄉Searches the given text. ▫️youtube <text>𒄉Searches the given text on YouTube. ▫️ping𒄉Gives bot ping. ▫️stats𒄉Shows bot stats. ▫️date𒄉Shows current date. ▫️time𒄉Shows current time. ▫️invite𒄉Invite bot to your server.


▫️*weather <place>𒄉Gives the weather report of mentioned place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add ALPHA Discord Bot to my server?

You can add ALPHA to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add ALPHA Discord Bot' on this page.

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