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Invite Amour Bot to your server for easy access to aesthetic commands. Discover the power of Amour Discord Bot.

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amour Discord Bot Described:

An aesthetic utility community Discord bot, built for efficiency.
About Amour

Amour is a multi-purpose, aesthetic Discord bot with multiple amazing features that can help Discord servers with partnerships, provide them with fun commands and moderation such as ;;ban ;;unban ;;helpdesk (modmail) and ;;kick with priority support for the bot and commands such as ;;whois to look up user information, with modlogs and custom welcome messages.

Amour can look up many things such as ;;hypixelpl for player data on Hypixel, ;;hypixelfriends to get a Hypixel player’s friend list and Minecraft player information too!

With priority support, Amour bot developers can even code a custom welcome embed for your server when new members arrive!

Fun commands with Amour include:
  • ;;coinflip to flip a coin, or use ;;cf or say “amourbot, flip a coin”
  • ;;love as a love calculator
  • ;;changemymind and ;;lisa to convey your opinions in a fun image generator
  • ;;tweet to make a fake tweet
  • ;;lastfm to look up data on a user’s music
  • ;;8ball which can tell the fortune of a question
  • ;;cat and ;;dog to grab images of cats and dogs
  • ;;meme to get ultimate memes from reddit
  • ;;rps to play rock paper scissors with the bot
  • A reward system to redeem premium roles on the support server
  • A ;;weather command to get the weather in any US zip code
Amour also takes into account server management, with some amazing functions!
  • Make embeds with ;;embed and ;;simpleembed
  • Custom welcome message with ;;setwelcomemessage
  • ;;kick ;;ban ;;purge and ;;unban to moderate members, with more along the way
  • Modmail feature that works easily and a ;;handled command for staff to reply to users through the bot example
  • Easy setup for setting channels for functions like partnerships, helpdesk, join messages (optional) and member logs (optional)
Amour’s partnership feature is a useful function very unique to find!
  • Posts a partnership message thanking the partner manager for partnering and showing their partner count example2
  • Adds partnership to a secure database to show a leaderboard example3
  • ;;partners to check your own or someone else’s total completed partners
  • ;;setpartnerchannel command to set the partnership counting channel (easy to use!)
Amour also has great capability in assisting users with their own day-to-day life:
  • ;;math command for math calculations
  • ;;weather to get the weather in a city around the world
  • ;;translate to translate to and from any languages
  • ;;timezone to get the time in a specific city.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add amour Discord Bot to my server?

You can add amour to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add amour Discord Bot' on this page.

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