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Hades Discord Bot Described:

Andy Bot is designed for utilities and commands that few bots can have. These include heist commands, bumpreminders, autodecancer, and AltChecks

__ Andy Bot__

What is Andy Bot?

Andy bot is a unique and useful bot with lots of utilities. Invite it to your server to see why it would benefit your discord experience. Read below to find all the unique features.

1. Bumpreminders
Disboard is a fast growing bot/website and is a quick way to let other people find your server, with bumpreminders, you can do this easier. Instead of setting a reminder or remembering when to bump. It will be done automatically. Whenever a bump is successful, it will send a message in the channel to bump again. This comes with a few features. Bumpreminders can have a pingrole, ping this role to bump every 2 hours instead of just a message. Autoclean: Clean the bump channel to only have the bots messages and successful bumps. Autolock: Lock the bump channel on a succesful bump and unlock it after 2 hours. This comes with other minor features as well.

2. Applications (custom as well)
Make your server custom applications with customizable features. You may accept them for a role or deny the applicant. Keep in mind the owner MUST SET an acceptrole, meaning the one who can add roles and accept users for roles (cannot be higher than the accepters highest role). This comes with features like an application channel (where to log applications), review channel (where the results go), AND custom applications. You need to have 9 questions, although in the future you can have less or a bit more. These 9 questions can be ANYTHING you want. You need to have manage server permissions to make custom questions.

3. Giveaways
Create giveaways for prizes and have more features than a normal giveaway bot. First of all, to start a giveaway, you must have one of the following roles:
Giveaways, Giveaway Manager, gaws, giveaway
You can create a giveaway with an interactive proccess, or non-interactive. You can have a donor (another field with the donor and mention). You can also add a requirement. Keep in mind requirements can only be roles and cannot be done with interactive giveaways. If a user does not meet the requirement, the reaction will be removed and the user will be direct messaged. Even after this, a check is done to ensure the user does not react at the last moment.

4. Nicknamer
We’ve always hated those annoying idiots that add these stupid glyphs in their names to look “cool” or something. But this is annoying as hell. So to solve this, Nicknamer was born. Nicknamer comes with a decancer command, remove strange characters our of a users name and either remove it or replace it with the ascii converted value. This comes with dehoist. You can decancer ALL MEMBERS of a role (defaults to everyone if none is specified). You can also use dsc auto to decancer upon join. This can be useful if you dont want to constantly remember changing nicknames.

5. Prefix Management
Add a custom prefix to your server with prefix set [prefix]. Each server has only one prefix, and you can mention the bot to find the prefix. Highly useful if your server has a lot of bots.

6. Alts
Its annoying when people use more than one account to join a giveaway. With a bot, it can be done, but what if you dont want to invite that bot? Andy Bot can use the API to fetch a users trust level. ranging from 0-3, with 0 being the most distrusted and 3 being the most trusted. This is calculated in a method only the bots staff know. (not mine, the bots API im using). You can also use altset to either ban/kick users under Trust Level 1.

7. Heists
Recently, a bot has become popular, this bot has a main feature called Heists. But sadly, before, you had to first: ping a role, then unlock the channel, then after 90 seconds, remember to lock it again. But with this bot, it is capable of doing that all in one command, you can lock for a role as well, making it even more useful. You can set a pingrole as well.

8. Webhooks
Webhook trolls are always fun, webhook comes with many useful commands, but the best part is: webhook sudo. Send a message to the channel with the mentioned user and avatar, making it look like they sent it. This comes with other commands as well.

Of course, the bot has many other utilities, but these are just some. The others are common features that most good bots have. So invite the bot, and see why this bot would benefit your server or experience a LOT

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Hades Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Hades to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Hades Discord Bot' on this page.

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