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Created by: Aries Spring#6969
Short link: discord.ly/animu
The only discord bot you'll ever need providing features from advanced leveling system to music to getting direct links to Anime Episodes and much much more


  • Self Roles
  • Advanced Leveling System
  • Global Economy with a complete trading system
  • Music
  • Fully customizable profiles
  • Search Commands to search Wikipedia, Github, Fandoms, Stackoverflow, Deviantart and tons of other websites
  • Memes
  • Unparalleled moderation mechanics with AI-based toxicity filters
  • Android Companion App
  • Much more

Still not convinced? Perhaps take a look at commands: https://aldovia.moe/animu-commands/

Download Animu Companion App from here: https://github.com/LightYagami200/Animu-Companion/releases