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Anti Toxicity is a bot that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to delete toxic messages. Say goodbye to keyword-filters, and hello to AI-filters!

Anti Toxicity is an AI-powered, anti toxicitiy bot. It automatically deletes toxic messages from your guild.


  • Configurable sensitivity
    Change how toxic the messages needs to be, before getting deleted.
  • Allow channels and roles
    Allow toxic messages to be sent by users with a specific role, or in a specific channel.
  • Unfiltered NSFW channels
    Allow toxic messages in NSFW channels
  • Log channel
    Specify a channel, where every toxic message is logged

Invite Anti Toxicity, and start cleaning your server!
If you have any issues, type @AntiToxicity, to find out why the bot doesn’t delete toxic messages!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


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Created by: >Alek_#5607
Short link: discord.ly/anti-toxicity